A children's ministry seeks to improve children's lives. Church of the HARVEST wants to focus on a life-changing children's ministry that does not just focus on temporary results — COH focuses on teaching, loving, and sharing with the children God sends with spiritual skills that will last a lifetime.

COH children's ministry is:

Christ centered

Every child in COH children's ministry hears about the hope of Jesus Christ.

Child focused

Each child in COH children's ministry receives special attention and respect, COH believes that an effective children's ministry treats each child as a complete person.

Committed to integrity

COH children's ministry is committed to the highest professional and biblical principles, as well as, excellence and integrity.

These distinctions allow COH children's ministry to offer children the opportunity to become spiritually fulfilled as they grow into Christian adults.



Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to reach up, reach in, and reach out!


End Times Harvest Ministry

We will be taking the ministry to the city streets and roads, homes and fields, and wherever else people can be found that want to hear and receive the Good News!