The Church of the HARVEST (COH), exists to glorify God through praise, worship, and expanding His kingdom here on earth. The patterns of church life and its primary responsibility are set forth in scripture, but the details are to be worked out from generation to generation. We are committed to building a church that typifies the new testament church found in the book of Acts. The bible defines the church as a world-wide community of believers called out of the world into identification with Christ. To function as the people of God doing the work of God. To create a fellowship where Christ is central; where people are sharing his love in all the warmth of the that experience; where the church is being used by him for redeeming individuals, recreating the community, and winning the world. As a fellowship of the Holy Spirit, commissioned to go into the world and proclaim the message of the kingdom of God. In fulfillment of this commission the church participates in the kingdom of God by the following:

The responsibility of prayer is upon every believer. It is our highest calling and we must commune with God in order to establish the will of God here on earth. "My house shall be called a house of prayer."

As a royal priesthood which has been called into the presence of Almighty God, it is our mission to worship and adore him. Making personal and corporate worship a priority and a celebration experience of glorious praise and thanksgiving that honors God and that issues inward beauty and strength.

We live in Christ to the point that our actions and attitudes speak as our loudest witness. We view ourselves as missionaries who stand in Christ's stead urging nonbelievers to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.

Affirming people where they are in life with a spirit of love and leading them into fellowship with God's plan of spiritual growth, abundant living and Christian service. 

Effecting life changes through an encounter with scripture that focuses on God's word as the basis for decisions, relationships and personal goals.

As servants of the Most High God it is our mission to minister to the needs of humanity.

As members of the Kingdom of God and soldiers of the cross of Jesus Christ, it is our mission to fight against the powers and principalities of this age.

Developing leaders that are God-called to perform love motivated ministries with consistency, joy and accountability.

Emphasizing the discovery, development and deployment of spiritual gifts to equips believers to do the work of the church and to be examples in Christian profession and practice.

Guiding individuals during "crisis" periods in their lives through personal counseling to find significance, wholeness and patterns for productivity.



Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to reach up, reach in, and reach out!


End Times Harvest Ministry

We will be taking the ministry to the city streets and roads, homes and fields, and wherever else people can be found that want to hear and receive the Good News!